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Smiling Assassins (Live Version)

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Latest News - (MASK blog)

MASK Blog - Are albums dead??  

H here folks:  In my head I love the image of meticulously going through my record collection, removing the vinyl from its sleeve, carefully placing it down before gently lowering the needle… the warm crackle… this is music. 

Sadly I…

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MASK Feature "Get On Your Knees' with V13 Media!

Somehow it’s always the duos that manage to make the most noise… Proving this once again is the British pair MASK who have unloaded the music video for their brand new song “Get On Your Knees.”

This is a hard-charging…

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MASK Blog - A Tearful Farewell


MASK Blog - A tearful farewell… 

With a heavy heart, we must say goodbye to our bass player ‘Daz’ from MASK - as a founding member of the original band and a lifelong friend, it is most definitely a tearful…

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MASK Blog - What’s next for MASK? 

MASK Blog - What’s next for MASK? 

If MASK were a book then it would be fair to say that we are presently turning the page on what has been an incredible chapter. So what’s next?! 

Well, in the immediate…

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MASK Blog - ButeFest 2019 (Part 2)

MASK Blog - ButeFest 2019 (Part 2)

Before each day of the tour begins (nothing before noon!) I usually send out a WhatsApp group message to everyone to explain what’s happening - this was the message I sent out before…

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