MASK Blog - An arduous road leads to beautiful destinations 

MASK Blog - An arduous road leads to beautiful destinations 

Recently I was offered a nice bit of money for an event taking place this summer.  I’ll get straight down to the numbers bit - it was £100 per song.

The details were it could be just myself on an acoustic guitar and I should “play a few well known song’s that everybody know’s” to “get the crowd going” etc. 

I politely declined the offer (people are screaming at their screens right now!) allow me to explain… 

When I initially declined, the people running the event immediately jumped on the “so its beneath you” band wagon (and maybe if you’re reading this you are feeling the same way).  This isn’t the case.  I lived in my car for four month’s because I was FLAT BROKE so I know and appreciate the value of money. 

The real reason is, it just isn’t why I started this journey.  I want to create and build something unique and original.  It breaks my heart when I think about how much I lived my life for other people and doing what was expected of me rather than what would have made me happy. 

The twist in the story is I actually counter offered to go and play the event for FREE but only if I can play my music.  They have “pencilled me in as a yes” but will have to get back to me to confirm... 

Creating original music is truly an arduous road, but I truly believe arduous roads can lead to beautiful destinations. 

This Saturday (09/03/19) we are back in Belfast to shake the city like never before! Check out the set-list… (photo attached)

We are nothing without our fans - we hope to see you all there and maybe we can take this arduous journey together.

Belfast gig info 

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Peace out, 

H from MASK

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