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Hey MASK Fans, 

This is 'H' from the band speaking to you - Happy New Year and I hope you all have a cracking 2021!  (Can't be any worse than 2020... or can it!) 

Our most listened to MASK track is a song called "Hurricane", not many people know this but I wrote it about the snooker player - Alex "Hurricane" Higgins.   

Some of my earliest childhood memories are from when my grandfather would regale me with tales of "the peoples champion", an ordinary man/maverick who played for one sole purpose... to entertain the crowd!  He brought 'Rock N Roll' to the dreary world of snooker! 

The main chorus lyric from Hurricane goes "Somebody Please, Bring Me My Baby" which is what he says to the camera as he wins the world championships and just wants to hold his baby daughter.  I found this so emotional that I just had to write about it. 

Over the holidays we decided to release a 'rock n roll' version of the track and we named it "Hurricane: Reloaded".   

What's crazy about the recording of this track is that everything was captured in one take!  Vocals, drums, guitars... even the old BBC tape we found in the studio that you can hear during the intro!  As a result we have this raw, imperfect rock stomper of a song - we hope you enjoy!  Click HERE to listen. 

As Always - Peace and Love, 



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