MASK Blog - What’s next for MASK? 

MASK Blog - What’s next for MASK? 

If MASK were a book then it would be fair to say that we are presently turning the page on what has been an incredible chapter. So what’s next?! 

Well, in the immediate future I will be putting my MASK duties to bed to focus on the release of a debut solo album.

The good news;

As a band - we will be releasing a live album in January 2020 (this includes live tracks from 'The Famous' and our current single 'Mayday') and this is when we will start recording a brand new album! Having released an EP, an album and a single - an album is by far and away our favourite platform to work from. 

I’m pleased to announce about 70% of that album has already been written and it’s going to be something pretty special! Our sound certainly won’t change but it most definitely will evolve into something you really won’t be expecting… We will be tapping into genre’s we have no right to even speak about haha!  

So far - we have sourced where we will record the new album and it's being discussed to perhaps make a documentary on the recording process. A MASK podcast is also planned - so stay tuned and look out for our swearing and general piss-taking.   

And now the bad news; 

With everything in life, what goes up must come down and sadly we will be saying goodbye to one of the founding member’s of the band in the coming months - more on that to follow…  

Peace out, 
H from MASK

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