MASK Blog - ButeFest 2019 (Part 1)

MASK Blog - ButeFest 2019 (Part 1)

It’s been nearly a week since our return from ButeFest and I thought I would do a blog on how we actually ended up playing ButeFest and what it was like for us personally as a band.  Let’s do this… 

I will start with how we actually got the opportunity to play ButeFest.  Quite simply: we applied!  We put together a package of why we thought we would be a good fit and they said yes… It was then our mission not to let anyone down and turn the trip into a mini-tour to play the cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh.  It wasn't all plain sailing as you'll find out!

Starting out we hit bad news!  Daz our bass player wasn’t free on those dates and so we would need to find a replacement.  I turned to Craig!  Craig would openly say he’s not a bass player but he is without doubt one the most musically gifted people I know on the planet.  I once watched him learn “Let it Be” on the piano within two minutes - bastard!   At first, I could tell he didn’t want to do it as I think he had planned on actually enjoying the trip haha… But thankfully, he stepped up and MASK became a four-piece band.  

Initially, we had planned to rehearse Wednesday evening to play Glasgow on Thursday night but that all changed last minute and we were forced to play Glasgow the day we arrived!  Having to play a live gig after one rehearsal was a monumental challenge for us, poor Craig!  Thankfully everyone stepped up and we used all that nervous energy to create a furious performance in what is now one of our favourite cities.  In summary - we nailed it.

The next day was again a challenge.  We were to rehearse an extended full set for a live album to be recorded the next day AND shoot two music videos - how we love to work!  Again we pulled together and made it happen.  I don’t fully know how but we got over the line but we kinda did.

Friday it was up and away to Edinburgh to perform at the amazing music venue the ‘Stramash’ - we were the second act on and we were, without doubt, nervous.  I think what was making us nervous was obviously the show being recorded but also we have a very strong togetherness and it was about not letting each other down.

I can categorically state my thinking was "do not fuck this up for MASK".

For me personally, this then happened;

As I’m preparing to soundcheck the bolt holding my guitar strap gave way! Sadly we had an audience for the soundcheck so I just pretended everything was fine but inside my head, I'm thinking -  is someone out to get me here and what the fuck am I going to do!

I was told it could be fixed using match sticks to wedge the bolt in and so instead of preparing properly to record a live album I’m running through the streets of Edinburgh trying to find fucking match-sticks!  (I can officially state there are none!)  Back at the venue, I’ve accepted defeat on the subject when a huge burger from the restaurant next door passes me.  It has a wooden skewer through it and I have a fix for my guitar!  It’s still in my guitar now - locked in solid and a nice burger aroma to go with it.  Rock and Roll baby! 

Find out what happened next in part 2 of this blog out soon!

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