MASK Blog - Are albums dead??  

H here folks:  In my head I love the image of meticulously going through my record collection, removing the vinyl from its sleeve, carefully placing it down before gently lowering the needle… the warm crackle… this is music. 

Sadly I don’t do any of this, (a lot of people think I do) instead, I am an all in Spotify W*nker - monthly subscription and everything!  

I have undying respect for the vinyl users out there but it’s a sad truth that we just don’t take the time to savour music the way we used to. So if the vehicle for albums i.e. records, cassettes and cd’s have now gone - are albums now dead also? 

The answer is a resounding no.   

As a listener of music, I love to play records in full and always will.  A good record from start to finish has a timeless enchantment to it and to 'skip' would simply be a sin!!  As a music artist, we have released E.P.’s and singles over the years but nothing even comes close to the satisfaction of creating and releasing a FULL body of work.. the album!  

To celebrate our debut album and before the release of our next one, Craig and I got together and decided to make a complete and uninterrupted video of "The Famous" so it can be listened to in full (we even added the record player vibe)!  

We invite you to pop a cold one 🍺 and check it out below!  

P.S.  We got genuinely giddy and excited listening to this record in full again!  Let us know how it made you feel... As ever, thank you for supporting and sharing our content.

Peace and love, H x

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