MASK Blog - Things you may not know about our album, "Smiling Assassins"

Good morning campers, H Here! 

I'm currently in Basque Country in Northern Spain.  Some morning coffee is on the go, and I feel alive today!

Another album review has come in for "Smiling Assassins" - which has once again, exceeded all our expectations.  What an honour.  (I'll put a link below so you can check it out). 

There are things that you may not know about this album though, so allow me to dig into the subject; 

It started out as a very different record than what you can hear today.  

Originally it was fourteen songs in total and contained two instrumentals, one of those instrumentals that didn't make the cut was a "1960's surf-style" track called "The MASK Surfer Shake", I put it as the artwork for this blog.  So cool right?  I'll see if I can put a demo of the track on our instagram for you all 🤞

I find it hard to believe myself, but we actually put down about 60% of these fourteen tracks in just five days! Our debut album "The Famous" took about a year by comparison.   

But then... The old COVID hit folks!  Boom!  

We had to literally deconstruct each song and try to remotely make it work and often that meant just redoing it.

It was painful but we never let up or compromised on quality.  I compared the process to chipping away at a sculpture - piece by piece, tap by tap.  I'm so proud that we simply didn't just "down tools" and wait.  

I refuse to allow the word "can't" into the MASK camp - it should always be "how can we"... 

Tune in next time for part two of this blog which I think I will entitle "Arse About Face" 😅 

Link for the album review is here.   

Peace, H.

Listen to Smiling Assassins on Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube.

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