MASK - Hurt Like You

I was asked at the weekend where lyrics come from?  My reply was “I have no idea!” 

What I do know is that I am always looking and listening out for a song - from reading books, overhearing conversations to just getting on with my life.  Its all just a waiting process for something magic to fall out of the sky… (A good description would be the Dan Auerbach track “Waiting on a Song”) 

Saturday morning and i’m in my car sat in traffic below a huge fly-over bridge.  As the traffic above passes over me it creates a rhythm that makes me tap the steering wheel - this would become the driving bass line for our new single “Hurt Like You”. 

As I try to record the sound in my head onto my phone the lyrics just fell out “Sticks and Stones may break bones, no one hurt like you” - and so, in the space of two minutes I had a bass-line and a chorus… 

The problem with me having a “hooky” bass-line in my life, at that moment is the fact I didn’t actually have a bass guitar… I cancelled my plans for that day and drove to the local music shop, I took the bass out of the window as it was the only one they had in stock and set to work. 

I had the song written and full demo recorded by that evening and I still don’t understand the process of how it all happened.  “Hurt Like You” is my personal favourite song of our debut EP and just yesterday I just found out that the video has actually been nominated for an award, more to follow on that. 

Thank you for reading and the continued support from everyone - its much appreciated! 

H from MASK.

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