MASK Update - Crazy Times 

MASK Update - Crazy Times 

At random I was attacked recently and it left me in a bad way but life goes on and I am thankful for all the support I have received.  Whilst actually waiting in Accident and Emergency I received a message about a campaign to get behind the NHS - what timing!  I definitely was not in any position to refuse…. Check out the cause here below and if you can give any support at all it would be much appreciated; 

A few days ago we released the final video of our debut EP “Damaged Goods” - releasing this video it really feels like the end of what has been an exciting first chapter for us.  Only yesterday we received the amazing news that XS Noise actually premiered the video itself!  This was great news for us given how reputable and respected these guys are in the industry - check it out; 

As for the band, we are officially on a couple of weeks holidays before we announce something quite special - stay tuned. 

The good thing about being bedded down is I actually get the chance to blog again!  Thanks again to all the well wishers, its incredibly humbling… Peace. 

H from MASK

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