MASK Update - Promoting our debut EP “The Truth” 

One thing I didn’t factor into the whole process of releasing an EP to the world is the fact that I now have to go out and promote it.  I find this very uncomfortable so its fair to say I have been avoiding it… 

To give you an idea of how my promoting skills are doing, it turns out I didn’t set up the publishing correctly when I started the bands Facebook page and so everyone’s hard work on posting content has more or less been for nothing…  Whoops! (fixed now - apologies)

Tomorrow I will go on local radio to advertise the EP and I have mixed feelings about it all; 

Anytime I have done anything like this in the past I have always gone in with the vision that it will go amazingly well and that I’ll have many interesting things to say.  In reality, I usually sound like a nervous wreck, gasping for air!  

What makes tomorrow different and makes me feel “ok” is that I’m going into it knowing I’ll be a “nervous wreck” and that I will most certainly sound like someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about…  

Thankfully I’m at the stage of my life where I have let go of the need to carry this pressure around with me.  I accept I won’t give the perfect interview, but that's ok - no one starting out ever has.  Wish me luck! 

"There has been a great reaction to our current single “Suffer In Silence” the animated video is quite “graphic” in parts and people are commenting at how incredibly deep it is - We fully agree, sadly its based on reality and this is where our EP title “The Truth” comes from.  Thanks to everyone, please continue to share and spread the good word… We appreciate it."

“H” from MASK

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