My Journey of Writing and Releasing an album - "Being Real About Fear" (3 of 3)

“I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone for the kind and inspiring messages. I certainly don't consider myself to be a writer and I'm truly overwhelmed and genuinely grateful to all.” 

Recently whilst being interviewed I was asked the question “so how does it feel to be releasing your first album?” After a slight awkward silence I gave the answers people were maybe not expecting - “nervous, terrified, scared, petrified etc.” 

With perplexed looks, I don't think this was the ‘gold-dust’ interview the camera crew were after... 

For so many years of my life I thought I HAD to be the life and soul of the party. I thought I HAD to be cool and extroverted regardless of how I was feeling - it almost felt like a responsibility. Thankfully - I realised that was all just a needless, unsustainable way of life. 

These days I can happily accept I'm not a particularly cool guy (I spend the majority of my time in sweat pants watching TV - not exactly “Rock n Roll!”) I have set myself free from the tiring act from before and can be honest with people. 

So, yes - during that awkward interview with spot lights, microphones, eyes burning through me, cameras and being the centre of attention I was genuinely “bricking it” and I just thought - why lie and put pressure on myself? 

We are all controlled by fear to a certain extent. Its what stops you from talking to the hot girl/guy on the street or leaving the job you hate to start that business venture. 

My advice is to surround yourself with people who enhance you, anyone who doesn't is simply a drain on your energy/resources. Acknowledge you will have fears so be honest to others and yourself about them. Being genuine will command respect and when you are there… go for it! 

“Its been a very exciting week for the band, we spent three long(!) days shooting music video’s for the EP release next month. We had a party in a night-club booked in Belfast for after, but we sat in eating pizza instead... Quite fitting for this post I feel.”

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