My Journey of Writing and Releasing an Album - (2 of 3)

“I couldn't believe the reaction to my first blog. Receiving messages from people saying how they are inspired to make changes in their lives was overwhelming to say the least, I hope this will continue to have the same affect and thank you to everyone...” 

If you think writing songs is easy, then you haven't tried to write one. The best advice I got was “write about something that matters to you”. For months having these words go round and round in my head was soul destroying. 

I wanted to create meaningful material but I didn't want to reveal anything about who I was. The reason for this was - fear. I was afraid people would judge and then laugh at me. (My next blog is on this subject) 

In May 2016 - After a three day festival and a hangover that would kill a baby elephant I arrived home and dropped my things off, it was time for bed! I wearily proceeded upstairs but then something stopped me, I had something to do but I couldn't figure out what. I turned, walked to the kitchen and I picked up my guitar. I was about to write my first “real” song. 

I sat there playing the chords and as I croaked the words I started crying uncontrollably, in fact I cried throughout the whole process of about 20 minutes. 

The song itself is painfully simple but I can tell you now, it absolutely rinsed me like a sponge of every emotion. I guess this is the power of music. 

Its called “Suffer in Silence” and it will be on our debut EP.

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