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Below is an article H from MASK done recently for Ruido Sucio - the Argentinian Music Magazine;


1.  What can you tell us about your debut - The Truth?

 “The Truth” has a very real, raw and honest sound.  We wanted to create something that would evoke emotions and be about what music should be about - the way it makes you feel. 

We are very proud of it and we hope it will leave people wanting more from us...

2.  How does Belfast influence the music you make? 

Im very proud to be from Northern Ireland but growing up here was not very inspiring for music at all, I didn’t even do music at school. 

I just remember everything being grey and there was an almost brain washed hatred regarding religion and the “troubles”.  It seems crazy now looking back but as a kid you would hear on the radio everyday about people being killed or attacked and it became normal life to us.  I left Northern Ireland at 17 and lived and travelled all over the world for 10 years, when I returned it had really changed for the better - I enjoy life here now. 

I do not know anything about exciting new bands/acts from here because I choose not to get involved in all that.  I just write and play music that I like and feel, I guess i'm a bit of a recluse that way. 

3.  What are your songs about? 

Track by track is probably easier to explain; 

I Miss You - is a driving acoustic track based around the subject of Dementia.  (We are donating 20% of EP sales to a local Dementia Charity) 

Wink and the Gun - Is a “retro" feel rock n roll song, like early Rolling Stones.  The song is about someone selling there soul! 

Damaged Goods - Is inspired by “glam rock” from the 1970’s.  The song is about dating and sex... 

Suffer in Silence - Is a very fragile and almost haunting song based around the subject of how technology is having a social impact on our world today.  The animated video was a real labour of love on this track! 

Hurt Like You - Is a stomping rock/blues song.  This song has so many elements I couldn’t possibly explain in one sentence.  Its big! 

4.  How can you define the sound of the band? 

We have a raw, retro rock/blues sound I guess...

I can’t read/write music and I class myself as an average guitar player at best but the songs are good and thats whats important to me/us.  I owe so much to our producer and lead guitarist Gary who I can go to with an idea in my head and he has the ability to turn it into reality. 

We try to capture our vocals and music in one or two takes so it has a rawness about it.  My vocal on “Wink and the Gun” is actually just a budget microphone set up in my dining room, the second take is the final vocal you can hear on the track today. 

5.  Being life-long friends, I guess it was easy to decide to play together? 

In 2004 I heard Daz (our bass player) playing The Beatles on an acoustic guitar and we became instant friends, he introduced me to Craig and that's how things got started. 

We have the kind of relationship where we may not see each other for months but within minutes its as if we never left - its a very special bond. 

You will always see us messing about or laughing with each other because we don’t take ourselves seriously - but the music we take very seriously indeed and we work very hard for each other. 

6.  What will you do this year? 

We hope this EP will be the foundation to build something really big on. 

I have a couple of albums worth of material already written so it will definitely be an exciting year ahead for MASK...

7.  Who/What are your influences to make music? 

Individually we have very different tastes in music, I personally like blues music and all its reincarnations over the years from Muddy Waters to the Rolling Stones to the Black Keys etc. 

Collectively we have a real affinity with the Beatles. 

Daz and Craig are originally from Liverpool and we could spend entire days in Liverpool playing Beatles songs in rehearsal rooms, getting drunk and never getting bored. 

8.  How are the Mask shows? 

We are a band made up of members from different bands so it’s rare to find us in the same country never mind the same stage. 

We do often break down and do acoustic sets and I also play solo from time to time. 

I have no interest in being competition with young trendy bands on the gigging circuit - I’m a father and that takes priority over anything in my life. 

9.  Have you gone on tour? How is the reaction of the public listening to your music? 

Perhaps a tour in the future but only if it suits us and fits in with our lives. 

The reaction has been incredible and more than I could ever have imagined. 

Reading messages from around the world saying how people are enjoying our music is truly the greatest feeling, we’re very grateful for that... 

10 What songs should the Argentine audience listen to to start getting to know them? why? 

We hope each song provides something different - you will want to dance, sing and maybe even cry... I would say listen to them all and if you like it - tell a friend! 


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